Block Reps

Below is the list of people who have volunteered to be representatives for their block.

If you have any questions regarding your block in Sherwood Forest, the City of Bellevue, or the Sherwood Forest Community Club – please contact your SFCC block rep and they can assist you directly, or through the resources of the Sherwood Forest Community Club.

2016 SFCC Block Representatives:

Block  #

1   NE 30th to 164thKurt Howeler

2   NE 29th St (east end)                    Sam Osheroff                                                           3   NE 28th St (east end)                    Ken Schiring                                                            4   NE 27th St (east end)                    Kathy Roché-Zujko                                                 5   NE 26th St (east end)                    Diane Parry                                                              6   NE 25th St                                        Samir Chugdar                                                       7   NE 24th St (east end)                     Cathy Lewis                                                             8   162nd Ave NE (south end)            Dan Crevensten                                                      9   161st Ave NE                                     John Haro                                                               10   NE 26th St (west end)                  Grant Gilkinson                                                     11   NE 27th St (west end)                    Jean McCall                                                           12   NE 28th St (west end)                   Herb Holeman                                                      13   160th Pl NE (west Peachtree)      Hank Sung                                                             14   NE 29th (east Peachtree)              Lynn Haller                                                            15   NE 27th Pl (Sherwood Gardens)  Regi John                                                          16   160th Ave NE (south end)             Karen Campbell                                                 17   159th Ave NE                                    Gary Dubois                                                       18   Belmore                                             Ying Ping



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